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February 2013

The Word of The lord

Since thou was precious in my sight  thou hast been honourable and I have loved  thee: Therefore will I give men for thee  , and people for thy life Isaiah 43:4

Precious  father  in the name of Jesus Christ , we give  glory to your name , we are  the church that you have redeem to be a witness  in the earth thanks for chosen us,    thanks for Holy Spirit our  teacher for revealing  your heart to us, we are happy to be called children of the most high God.

The Word of The Lord

 For t he son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost.  John 19:10

Father in the name of  Jesus  all praise is due unto you ,  thanks for the  redeeming  blood , that have blotted   our  sins and have given us a sure foundation.Thanks  for  your unchanging  love  that  have been bestow on your people    who was  one  lost in the  world , but now  have  been found,   through   your  amazing    grace in Jesus  Christ  you have  bought  us  an unmovable mansion of rest ,   thank you , you have delivered us, you have liberate  us from the wickedness in the  earth and have allowed us to rise above  all unrighteousness as we live in you, our eyes are focus on you , you are the righteousness  that will look down from heaven and will set us in the steps of your ways   your rod and your staff will always  bring us back into subjection to your word father in Jesus Christ  we  give thanks for this preveledge  that you have given us thanking   always father for  coming to rescue your people ,  conquering  the world for us  , we love you father , for you have love us  before the world was established and have allowed us to walk this earth in victory, we now  declare Jesus is the Lord.AMEN

The Word of The Lord

Many are the  afflictions of the  righteous,   but the Lord delivers him out of them all Psalms 34:19

Jehovah you are God , praises and honer , and  blessings and power to  you the only wise God.father in the name Jesus  we your little children bow before you,  thanking  you always  for the great things you have done for have redeemed our souls from the pit of hell and have established us on the solid foundation , the rock ,Jesus  Christ glory to your name . in our times of sorrows we call upon you, in our times of  trial we give thanks to you , in our times of afflictions  we cry unto you knowing  that you will deliver us and will not allow us to go through alone , we give thanks that you never leave of forsake us  your chosen  and peculiar    people , thanks you for the blood , the precious  blood of Jesus Christ that flows through our veins  today , and have given us  newness of life  and a chance to communicate with you .It is   with exceeding joy , we declare , there is no God like Jehovah, king of heaven and earth .Thank you Lord  for delivering  our souls  from all unrighteous  that we can now live our lives through  our Lord Jesus .AMEN

The Word of The Lord

Come unto me all  you who labuor  and  are heavy laden  and I will give you rest  Matt. 11:28

Father in Jesus  Christ  we  honor you giving  thanks  always  for  you being our  faithful  God , we have put our  trust  in  you , we have come and laid our lives into your hands, knowing that you will not fail us , we believe on your words o Lord  that even in our time of afflictions you are with us  al way making away to escape .from the wickedness of the world  Thanks  Lord for s  making us the temple  of Holy  Spirit   now  you are very near to us in our weak moments  you have allowed us to come , to call unto you , to bring  our situation  challenges ,to give our burden to you , to leave our battle in your  hands , you have said  our suffering  will be  just for a moment , when we lay it all at your feet you  alleviate  all  our suffering  and have made us whole , because  you live we can always face tomorrow  ,,we are rejoicing   in sweet victory .  we have learned to  allow you to fight for us , only in you we can  attain  great peace and newness of life, you have allowed us to rest . glory to your name ,AMEN

The Word of the Lord

Seek ye not after the things of the world  for your heavenly father  know that you have need for all these things , but seek ye first the kingdom of God  and his righteousness and  all these things shall be added unto you.  matt.6: 32-33

Father in  heaven  holy is your name  , in the name Jesus we call unto you  this morning  thanking you for your faithfulness  towards us , that you have awoken us with a sound mind and  healthy body .glory to your name. We  give  thank  that you are our only source , our help  comes from you .because of your love for your creation..We  seek to know you more and more as we live our lives in you..    thank you for teaching us   to banish  those thing that are not important  those thing that will pass away  and to embrace the kingdom  principle  and statues , we accept  the truth that you are our provider ,  comforter   and supplier of all our need , You have given us a name  Jesus Christ by which we can call upon in our time of  weariness ,thank , you for being  our tower of strength ,  all  praises belong to you  may the lives of your people be richly  blessed  today AMEN

The Word of the Lord

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear  but of power , and of love,  and of a sound mind, be not a shame  of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ  , nor of me his prisoner , but be thou partaker of the affliction of the gospels according to the power of God.2 COR.1:7-8

Everlasting  Father glory and power to you in the Name of  Jesus  Christ  we love you and thank you  for  redeeming us unto your own .because  we  know you live forever , all fears are gone ,  thank you for the spirit  of  love  that you have  deposited in our hearts and have saturated  and sets our hearts on fire for you.,  you have caused us to triumph in Christ  Jesus our redeemer , and have filled us  with  your glorious light.. we  give thanks to you knowing that the God of love POWER  is dwelling in  our soulS   killing every evil root of bitterness that the pain  and torment  of earthly  selfish  love  have place on our lives  , thanks for the spirit of life Jesus Christ who now dominate our lives causing us to surrender and submit to your glorious love ,  a brilliant sound mind is  manifesting  daily , we love and thank  you truly , our savior be glorified AMEN

The Word of the Lord

The Lord hath appeared  of old unto me ,saying, Yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love :therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Again I will build thee  and thou shall  be built  Oh virgin of Israel Though shall  again  be adorned  with thy tabrets  and shall go forth  in the dances  of them that  make merry. Jeremiah 31:3-4

Lord of our Lives and Father of us all, Blessed be thy name In the name of Jesus Christ we give thanks always for the great things you have done for us, by your redeeming blood.

The Word Of The Lord

Being  confident in this  very thing :that he which hath begin a good work  in you will  perform it until the day  of Jesus   Christ:  even as it is meet for me to think this of you all,  because I have you in my heart :in as much as both in my bonds, and in the defense and confirmation  of the gospel  you  all  are  partakers of my grace. Philippians 1:6-7

Father in the name of Jesus we call unto you, our God  in who we have great confidence , we know that in you we can have 

The Word of the Lord

Be you  therefore followers of God as dear children  ,  and walk in Love  as Christ also   hath loved  us  and hath given himself an offering and a sacrifice  to God  for a sweet smelling  savour. Ephesian  5:2 
  Our  father  who art in Heaven , Holy is thy name among all  nations, Thank you for allowing  us to be your Children  by redeeming  us  from bondage,  so   that we may follow after you   in Love  for it was love who paid the price of  our  ransom ,            praise you Lord .

The word of the Lord

 (Hetherto ) ;  Until now you have not ask any thing  in my name ,ask and you shall receive, that your Joy maybe full 
  John 16:24

Father  in the name of Jesus we thank  you  for the great  things that   you  have done  for us  Thank  for  pouring out of yourself in us , you  have caused  great  rejoicing   to come up out of the earth , because you have  fill our hearts with  joy that  is unexplained This supernatural  joy no man can received  outside of your will.

The Word Of The Lord

But this man (Jesus ), because he continues   forever  have an unchangeable priesthood, Wherefore  he is able also to save them to the uttermost, that come unto God by Him, seeing  He forever live to make intercession  for them. Hebrews.7:24-25.

Father Lord , bless your holy name In Jesus we  give reverence to you Thank you for waking us this day with  Love , and a sound mind , thanks for coming in the name of Jesus to be our High Priest , and deliverer for ever ,Halilujah Praises  unto you Jehovah, Glory and honor be unto you the only wise father.,  who is able to utterly save those that come to you  through the love of Jesus , All  the earth shall worship you  , they shall sing unto your name the Lord He is  good , He is so good, come , come and see the beauty of the Lord  come and experience  is amazing  grace  come and know the effects of His loving  presence on yuor life forever more AMEN

The Word of the Lord

But you are  a  chosen  people , a royal  priests, a holy nation, a people for God's  own possessions  you were chosen to tell about the wonderful acts of God, who called you  out of darkness  into  his marvelous   light. 1 Peter. :2:9

Glorious  Father , we honor you from our heart in the name of Jesus , we praise you always for being the exceeding  abundant all sufficient   God  of our lives .Today we just thank you for being  the well of living water springing up  inside of  us.

The Word of The Lord

For as many as received him to them gave he power to become  the sons of God  John 1:12

Father in the name of Jesus we give the thanks   for this opportunity  that you have  given toall  who will call upon your name that they will become your sons and daughter , we thank you in Jesus you have made your people whole , the only name by which , mankind can receive forgiveness , and healing , , we thank you that today all who call out to you believing ,they will be safe in Jesus Christ , and will attain son ship we give you glory AMEN.

The word Of the lord

The  Lord is my Light and my salvation; whom shall i fear ? the lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid..When the wicked , even mine enemies  and my foes  came upon me to eat up my flesh they stumble and fell  Psalm  27:1-2

Father in the name of Jesus we  sing your praises.; thanking you always  for goodness and mercies that follow us always , lord you are everything  that we desire , thank you for the new covenant of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The word of the Lord

He that have my commandments and keep them He it is that love me , and he that loves  me shall be loved by my father and i will love him and manifest myself in him John 14:21

Father in the name of Jesus our Lord we give thanks always for yours love and kindness towards your people , you have give us a guide line in which we strive each day to follow by the help of Holy Spirit, thanks for teaching us how to stand on your commands , how to keep them so that you can manifest in us , THAT YOUR LOVE WILL BE PERFECT IN US, today we say thanks for your love that have  saturated our hearts  WE SAY THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE THAT  HAVE BOUGHT OUR SOULS from the pit of darkness.