Made in image of God
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The Believers Light

Made in image of God

                                 GOD,THE WORD AND MAN.
    The basis of man evaluation ; man is made in the image and likeness  of God 
 We must visualized the creation of humanity  in this order  God the creator: secondly The word by              through  which the world was form: thirdly, man the created being in likeness

God is! and His word said “The fool said in his heart there is no God”  (Psalm.14:1; 53:1). The Bible gives material in the area of evidences.
God has a will, mind operative, even from the time before the world was made.1) Things secret from that time (Matt. 13:35).2) Things foreordained from then (1 Peter 1:20).Then, there is man Who most certainly  is subjected to God?

 Bible tells us God the beginning,God the end,therefore God has no beginning nor end for he is both, A runner who runs a marathon run the race until he sees the finish line.God is the start and finisher of the spiritual race sees and knows the very minute detail of the end from the start. man in order to have an understanding of what the end will be are placed in the center of the race to keep focus on the starter and finisher , just so that there end will not be without purpose.   

1. God: Gen.1:1: The Bible does not set out to prove God’s existence;  nor to  give  evidence.The Bible   is an indications that man has a basis for claiming Man, was  made in God’s image, and  likeness,in a spiritual fashion. Genesis 1  have indicate meticulously a day by day description of  creation taking shape and form (Gen. 1:26-27).

The Word Gen 1:verse:3,6,9,11,14,20.]
God pre-existing all, had a word, will and mind : God said Let there be: and everything that God said became alive for the eyes to see and God declare them good. The worlds  was framed by The Word of God (Heb.11:3 and  will and mind of God, and when the will and mind of God is express has become law of God for man, because Man was made in the image and likeness of God and every created thing must be subjected to the supreme creator. 

These three  elements  are true and cannot be change they are permanently established and cannot be annulled: in this order God, Word, and man.When God speaks, man is subject, and is under law. Man has always been under the  law of God some times the law is mild , sometimes it will be a bit strong but they are all for the well fare of the created being.The  former law of the old testament was consider harsh and unbearable , but God who loves the creation He so  meticulously  and loving formed He brought changes to the law in the person of Jesus Christ who was the only one who could have bought Gods; humanity from under the law  God’s , which by now had become a curse for the people , because they could not keep, it Today the law  is in The Christ, and is made knownby the gospel of Christ..Man must obey that gospel (2 Thess. 1:7-8), and we urge that you do so in these terms from God:

Faith in The Christ, repentance of sins, confession of the Christ, and baptism for remission of sins.  May the Lord Jesus Christ richely bless you all on your quest to find Him and your endevour to serve him AMEN


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