Take up thy cross
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The Believers Light

Take up thy cross

                              The Gospel Message
Your life  In God is hidden in Christ so take up your cross Matt.16:24
It is not enough to confess that Jesus is Messiah (16:16) if we do not understand that his   coming as Messiah and saviour   involves suffering and death (v. 21-23). And if Jesus' mission involves the cross, those who would follow him must embrace the same price (vv. 24-27).
 Christ, having shown his disciples that he must suffer, and that he was ready and willing to suffer, here shows them that they must suffer too, and must be ready and willing. It is a weighty discourse that we have in these verses.
Here is the law of discipleship laid down, and the terms fixed, upon which we may have the honor and benefit of it,  Matt.16;24. He said this to his disciples, not only that they might instruct others concerning it, but that by this rule they might examine their own security. Observe,
1. What it is to be a disciple of Christ; it is to come after him. When Christ called his disciples, this was the word of command, Follow me. A true disciple of Christ is one that doth follow him in duty, and shall follow him to glory. He is one that comes after Christ, . A disciple of Christ comes after him, as the sheep after the shepherd, the servant after his ; he is one that aims at the same end that Christ aimed at, the glory of God, and the glory of heaven: and one that walks in the same way that he walked in, is led by his Spirit, treads in his steps, submits to his conduct, and follows  after Him.Even in suffering you continue to follow after knowing  that beyond the suffering lies a  precious crown that money cannot by..
                                       The Cross Is  central to the ' Mission of Jesus (16:21)
                              The   Devil Offers  the world  the Kingdom Without the Cross (16:22-23)
 When Peter rebukes Jesus, he oversteps his appropriate bounds as a disciple. Correcting a teacher was rare), and some passages believed teaching the law even in the presence of one's teacher merited death from God (as in  Disciples "followed" their teachers (Mt 8:22; 9:9-10; 10:38; 19:21), literally remaining behind them out of respect when they walked. Thus though Jesus turned to confront Peter literally behind him, he now ordered him to get behind him figuratively (16:23),  generally saying  to Peter  stay in your position as a  disciple.. You see Peter was not only out of order; he was the acting as the devil's agent not intentionally. but because he was very close to Jesus the devil try to use him to abort the plan of God Note it never happen   Jesus knew all things. At the wilderness temptation Satan offered Jesus the kingdom without the cross (4:8-9); Peter was now offering the same temptation and encounters the same title, peter almost got caught up in the enemy game , The people of God should not . The devil has influenced this world so deeply that the world's values are quite often the devil's values (Jas 3:15; 4:7); by valuing the things human beings value (like lack of suffering), Peter shows himself in league with the devil. The religious leaders later echoed Satan's temptation as well (Mt 27:42-43).

If anyone one suffer for loving the Lord , do not be offended , embrace your reproach like a bold believer ,hold your head high and look to the Author and finisher , my friends  know this it is no shame because you believe and suffer some set back , I say when the time of suffering comes , remember the words of the Lord in  Matthews 16:24 Take up your cross] Remember the words of the Lord in  1 Cor 10:13] God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you .can.. He will not let you be tempted more than you can bear. .... He will see to it that every temptation has a way out, so that it will never be impossible for you to bear it. Remember the word God will work in all situation for good to those who love him.
God is your father , every father loves his obedient children, if your load is too heavy , tell It to the Father He will make it light for you.I never said to I said let it be known unto God in your prayer and in your supplications and in your thanksgiving..

                            Jesus  Christ  our  Lord and  Savour  He is coming  again
 Hold your place for  we are coming back see you next week, many blessing  revelation , and wisdom and knowledge to you  ,may the name of Jesus be lifted high forever Amen.

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