Abiding in the Vine
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The Believers Light

Abiding in the Vine

The power of Abiding in Christ
The Bible tells us Jesus the Vine , every believers are a branch

Jesus said  in  John 15:7  If ye abide  in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.  There is  a powerful truth within this text  that most of us skip over, paying no attention. this truth is the wordABIDE in [literally meaning  staying in me  for ever or until i come back to you. Almost every one focus on the word  ask what you will, well there is a problem with that . by the words of the Lord we should  not  ask of the Lord for anything if we refuse  to committing to His ways , His rules, His laws period.  Anything  meaning things spiritual, we can work hard to  aquire  natural things , but we cannot work to aqueire or attain things spiritual , for the things spiritual  belong to God .

This chapter of john 15 inspire us to stay connect to the Lord, seperation  from him leads to the dying of the soul only in Him we can strive in the light as a branch when we do not stay connected we are no longer a live branch for we are not joined to the vine , every one knows if a branch is cut of from the tree it only takes a couple of days to get weathered and die , so is anyone who is cut of from our spiritual branch Jesus Christ, will surely die [spiritual that is] and the life of Christ dwells no more in Him. Humanity ha been given a great gift , the gift of salvation , it was not made nor given for animal or to trees etc.salvation have been given to mankind in away  solidify and restore mankind to the holy-righteous relationship that once was with God at creation gen. 1:26-29]
Humanity did not stay abiding in the commandment of God and that brings humanity to where we are today.

The spiritual journey is long winding and sometimes weary, abiding sometime seem too painful to bear , there is a saying things that are gotten easy is not respected , abiding is even when it seems that there is no way out, stay , believe and trust in god , if humanity  cannot trust in the God who is the author of creation , then who can they  trust . truth is humanity have been given hope in Christ Jesus and that is the best we have so far . Our hope for salvation lies in our ability to receive the word of god with an open mind to retain it , and to allow our heart to lead us to the truth , even in hard  times , even in trials , we can persevere knowing that we have been given promises, and believe that the one who have given us that promise cannot lie.
Abiding in Christ means to persevere, The scripture says in 
Matthews 24:13] He who endures to the end will be saved
context of this chapter : you will go through many things , but still trust me stay in my word and I ays the Lord will stay with you. stand firm in me , even though wickedness will increase,even though some people will be cold heart and evil , your position as believer is to stand firm , not fighting with one another , but through my words that i have given you.my word is your weapon for warfare us them skillfully and with precision.   Abide  , seek, knock, ask

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happywheelsnow.com on December 29, 2017 1:56 AM
Anything meaning things spiritual, we can work hard to aquire natural things , but we cannot work to aqueire or attain things spiritual , for the things spiritual belong to God .!!
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6565 on May 21, 2018 5:58 AM
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